Hydrocarbons and Energy
Population growth poses energy challenges to States, the solutions of which must also combine with environmental constraints. The kind of challenge that does not frighten the team of experts at SAIGE, whose know-how allows states to have substantial energy resources.

SAIGE carries out transformation and hydrocarbon projects through pipelines, their distribution and storage. It is involved in the design, construction and even financing of hydrocarbon, wind, solar, electricity transmission and distribution projects, as well as energy storage.

Clean energy is where Saige made his mark a few years ago, as the field of hydrocarbon energy underwent a major transformation. Today, as a new energy paradigm emerges, we continue to carry out projects for the transportation of hydrocarbons through pipelines, their distribution and storage, this plays a strategic role in the field of hydrocarbon energy, while at the same time focusing on clean energy projects and technologies that will shape our future.

We are ready to take on ambitious mandates and offer you independent or combined solutions and services. We can design, build and even finance hydroelectric, wind, solar, electricity transmission and distribution, as well as energy storage projects, regardless of their size, environmental conditions or even remote region. . You can count on our experience, the innovation of our professionals and our unparalleled customer service when we carry out your strategic projects. We help you produce safe and sustainable electricity.