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Seduced by the stability and the business climate, Czech business owners, ready to invest in Togo

Czech companies, seduced by the political and economic stability of the country, are ready to invest in Togo. This explains the presence in Lomé, during the week, of a mission of exploration and consultation of Czech businessmen.

Indeed, the delegation, led by Ivo Běhan, president of the higher council of the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Industries and Financial Experts and honorary president of the SAIGE-Internationale group, discussed widely with the highest authorities on promising areas for fruitful collaboration. At the end of this visit, the mission met the press on Friday.

The Thèque Republic does not want to be on the sidelines of current geoeconomic transformations. With its policy of openness to Africa, Togo is its second destination after the Central African Republic. The economic reforms carried out by the government are generating huge investment interests for this central European country without access to the sea, surrounded by Poland to the northeast, Germany to the northwest and to the west, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the east-south-east. Hence Ivo Běhan's stay in Togo from August 27 to September 3, 2021 as a spokesperson for more than 150,000 companies in his state. A stay that enabled him to meet the authorities, in particular the Minister of Commerce Kodjo Adedzé, expressly dispatched by the Head of State.

In front of media professionals, the mission said that the groundwork has already been laid for the start of a successful collaboration. Discussions, specify Ivo Běhan, are hopeful since they were frank, sincere and positive. Czech investments will focus on several economic areas including industry, technology, agribusiness, energy ...

“We are in talks with the Togolese authorities. In the days to come, we will see the project to be submitted to them, a pilot project for the start of the partnership ”, explained Mr Ivo Běhan. He added that the objective is to achieve a twinning collaboration and a win-win collaboration between Czech and Togolese companies, leading to a transfer of skills and technology. The Togolese private sector can go to the Czech Republic in this direction. The Czech government and banks are ready to finance Togolese-led initiatives. An opportunity to be seized. "Czech companies are very interested in federating energies with Togolese companies since they want to open up to Africa through Togo and the Central African Republic", he insisted.

At the meeting with the press, we noted the presence of the president of SAIGE International and mayor of the Agoè-Nyivé 1 commune, Adanbounou Kovi, also the director of SAIGE-Europe, Laurent GNANKADJA.

The Czech Republic wants to invest in Africa. For this, the country has chosen two African countries as pilot country: Togo and the Central African Republic. Last week, the mission signed an agreement to set up a local bank as part of the rehabilitation of the post office in Bangui.