In 2008, faith in an Africa capable of building itself gave birth to GIR RITTA AFRIQUE, on the initiative of African experts specializing in Finance, International Trade, Transport and Logistics, in order to promote investments in Africa and facilitate trade between the states of the continent.

Ten years later, in 2018, GIR RITTA AFRIQUE evolved to become the African Company for Investments and Business Management (SAIGE), in order to respond more to the challenges and more faithfully reflect the vision of the creators and the ambitions of partners.

Based in Togo, SAIGE-SAS is today the figurehead of a network of project developers in Africa where we find large groups such as: HAIER, BILAL, GER, MOHB, ALI CLOUD INVESTMENT, DUBAI INVESTSMENTS , STOLT-NIELSEN, CZECH EXPORT BANK, PACRAY, TOGO INVEST, EQUINOR ...

To build Africa, SAIGE-SAS has set up its Operations Department in Lomé and is present in several countries of the continent. The group's holding company is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and SAIGE-Europe, based in Prague (Czech Republic) is responsible for the group's financial management. SAIGE-SAS thus becomes an effective instrument at the service of public and private decision-makers in a vision of Global Emergence for Africa.

The areas of intervention of SAIGE-SAS are: the supply of oil and gas products, the management of electronic cargo tracking slips, infrastructure (road, port, airport, oil), telecommunications, transport and logistics, energy, mining and metallurgy, industry, health, agriculture, education, management of these companies, financing of projects.


We are an open window on the African continent. Our vision is to provide an irreproachable quality of collaboration, by offering superior management services and performance to our investors, partners and clients. Another aspect of this vision is to act in the general interest of the countries with which we work, to optimize the return on investment of our shareholders and to ensure a sense of belonging and career possibilities for our employees. In order to become an undisputed African leader in the areas of expertise in which we operate.



Five (5) fundamental principles define SAIGE:

Safety: We are committed to a safe working environment, where each party has a guarantee of transparency at all stages of the collaboration.

Confidentiality: SAIGE guarantees total confidentiality in all entrusted projects. Our projects are carried out from end to end in full respect of the confidentiality clauses agreed with our customers and partners, in order to guarantee a climate of trust.

 Human Capital and Innovation: Innovative ideas driven by dynamic staff. We draw our innovative ideas from our dynamic, proactive and highly qualified young staff, who ensure constant monitoring in order to identify and understand current challenges in various fields and anticipate modern and effective solutions.

 Respect for commitments: What SAIGE says, SAIGE does! This is a commitment that we keep, with the promise of a win-win partnership for those who trust us.

 Environment: We care about the environment · SAIGE lives with the times and is concerned with the major issues of the moment. Working in a healthy environment is therefore part of our commitments, and our working methods comply with the utmost respect for international standards for environmental protection.