The SAIGE group's crowdfunding activity is organized via a web platform and / or a Saige Crowd funding Application on the Internet. These allow the connection of project leaders and possible contributors / investors:

• The Web Platform under development is available at:

• The Application (Android / IOS) to be referenced on Apple Store / IOS Store / Google Play / Amazon Appstore, is under development on:



• The project leader opens an account on the platform and describes precisely his project, its mode of financing (donation, loan, equity investment) and the desired amount. It downloads the required documents.

• The operator SAIGE Crowdfunding validates the financing period and the volume of the investment sought after a counter study.

• In conjunction with the technical partner (ID), the digital identity of the project leader is verified by the operator of the SAIGE Crowdfunding platform, which guarantees the sincerity of the project.

• The investor opens an account on the platform and chooses the amount he wishes to allocate to the project of his choice. It justifies the origin of its resources.

• As long as the requested amount is not reached, the contributors' choices are only promises of funding.

• At the end of the financing period, two possibilities arise:

1 The requested amount has been reached, the contributors' accounts are debited and the project leader receives the funds;

2 The requested amount has not been reached, the contributors' accounts are not debited and the project leader does not receive the funds.


• The basic principle of the SAIGE Crowdfunding platform is to collect a multitude of small sums from the Togolese and African diaspora to finance private entrepreneurship in Africa through more or less important projects in various fields in Africa.

• In conjunction with the project leader, SAIGE Crowdfunding determines the amount of the investment sought and the overall consideration to be granted to investors or contributors.

• Each contributor contributes the amount of their choice according to their savings capacity.

• The operator reserves the right to impose a minimum investment per contributor for each project.



The projects financed can be of any kind and with guaranteed profitability:

• A startup in the growth phase in Africa

• A startup in Africa with a valid patent for invention

• A startup editor of an innovative solution with an MVP (minimum viable product) operable anywhere in the world

• Import / export activity, eligible under the conditions predefined by SAIGE

• Infrastructure project, eligible under the conditions predefined by SAIGE


1. The African and Togolese diaspora in particular

2. Individuals of all nationalities

3. All authorized legal persons

4. The SAIGE Group and partners


• Donation Crowdfunding can take the form of a donation: a company or a private person contributes to a project, without expecting anything in return. The donation is most often intended for charities.

• The loan Crowdfunding can take the form of a loan. In this case, the contributor expects the repayment of this loan with or without interest within a predefined period. Reimbursement.

• The acquisition of participations The last form of participatory financing is the acquisition of a participation in the capital of the financed company. The contributor then becomes a shareholder. He receives dividends in return for his investment



• In France In the event that the platform is hosted in France, Decree No. 2016-1453 of October 28, 2016, relating to securities and loans offered under crowdfunding, specifies the ceiling for loans granted by lenders ( € 2,000 per project for interest-bearing loans, € 5,000 for interest-free loans).

Funding costs For French residents, the commission rate is 8% for funds collected by bank card and 5% for funds collected by check / transfer or PayPal. Beyond 100,000 €, the commission decreases in stages. Note that to this you must add 3% bank charges.

• In the European Union Standardization of regulation In the event of hosting in the European Union, the platform is regulated with reference to directive 2018/0048 (COD) on the European crowdfunding service providers (ECSP) for business. the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union agreed on December 18, 2020 on a single regulation now applying to crowdfunding platforms, which will be voted on in 2020.

• In Africa The absence of a substantial regulation of the crowdfunding model of crowdfunding on the financial markets of CEMAC & UEMOA authorizes to operate in Africa by referring to ordinance n ° 2014-559 of May 30 2014 of the French legislator, relating to crowdfunding and its various implementing texts and to the provisions of Decree No. 2016-1454 of October 28, 2018 above, relating to loans offered in the context of crowdfunding.



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