About Us

SAIGE is a global business management company that offer fully integrated professional services and a leading player in infrastructure ownership. From offices located in the ECOWAS area, SAIGE’s staff members are proud to build the Africa of tomorrow. Our teams and partners provide solutions covering the entire project cycle, particularly in the areas of capital investment, consulting, design, engineering, construction management and maintenance, and project investments for customers in the Oil & Gas, Mining & Metallurgy, Infrastructure, Clean Energy, Fossil Energy and ICGP (Engineering, Design and Project Management) sectors.

Innovation, vision and ethics associated with cutting-edge technologies and practices have led to multiple successes across a range of projects; making SAIGE an unavoidable business center in Africa.

L’innovation, La vision et l’éthique associées à des technologies et des pratiques de pointe ont permis la réalisation de multiples réussites dans un éventail de projets ; faisant de la Saige un incontournable centre d’affaire en Afrique.


Become the African leader in business, management, and financing of development projects in Africa and give meaning to performance. For the founders of SAIGE, each business is an opportunity to join people and assets. By following this vision, we place people and development at the heart of our projects.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Strive for the well-being of the countries and communities in which we have the privilege of operating
  • Provide the safest environment possible, a sense of belonging and rewarding career opportunities for our employees
  • Achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction of our customers and our partners
  • Optimize the return on investment of our shareholders


SAIGE strives to be a customer and market oriented company that value the link between customer satisfaction, personal development of its employees, respect for communities and wealth creation for its shareholders.


  • Entrepreneurship: we cherish the entrepreneurial spirit and a decentralized management mode where staff members stimulate and support the operations by their reactivity, their innovative way of thinking that goes against conventional wisdom.
  • Our people: Our goal is to recruit, train, motivate, keep and ensure the safety of our employees
  • Environment: our goal is to protect the environment and gradually improve our performance in limiting air emissions and releases to water and soil.
  • Our customers: We believe that a satisfied customer is a customer with whom we will build a lasting relationship, that’s why we create a strong, useful and beneficial customer service that builds a trusting relationship that is essential to a mutually beneficial interaction. A healthy relationship based on open, serious and professional exchange.
  • Shareholders return on investment: We aim to offer the best returns on investment compared to our reference group for our shareholders.
  • Meet our commitments to our customers and partners: we are committed to meeting our commitments to our stakeholders and putting the necessary resources in place.
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